Laissez les bons temps rouler :The Wedding of Stephen & Callie

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A beautiful ceremony in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

On November 18th, 2018 our team celebrated the union of Stephen and Callie in our favorite city in the world: NEW ORLEANS!! The wedding party gathered at The Hilton just out side of the French Quarter for a weekend filled close friends and family. We met up with Stephen and Callie the day of their ceremony to begin documenting their day leading up to their ceremony. 

Our favorite part of the day was getting to be with Stephen and Callie during their first look. We love documenting first looks because they tend to be some of the most intimate and beautiful moments of the wedding day. After some time filming with the couple inside of the Hilton we loaded up onto buses with all of the wedding guests and rode over to the historical First Presbyterian Church of New Orleans. It is the oldest Presbyterian congregation in Louisiana and the second oldest Protestant congregation in entire Mississippi Basin after Christ Church of New Orleans. 

Traditional services like Stephen and Callie's are a trade off for us. We love the reverence and honor to marriage that they show, but historical venues like this one tend to have strict policies against photographers and videographers moving during the ceremony. This is why we created our "Documentary" edit for every collection. This edit perfectly documents your ceremony from start to finish. We combine multiple camera angles with enhanced audio of the entire ceremony. 

After the ceremony it was party time!! We made our way back to The Hilton downtown to dance the night away. Stephen and Callie hired one of New Orlean's premiere local bands, B Street Benny. We made a performance video of them that we are excited to share soon. 



Jody Johnston